Texas State University Research Enhancement Program Terminal Report Form

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Please fill out the following information to complete your REP Terminal Report.  Each question requires an answer; if the question is not applicable, be sure to type N/A or not applicable into each answer box where it applies.

1.  Project Title

2.  Name of PI, Co-PI's

PI: First Name:  Last Name: 

Co PI 1: First Name:  Last Name

Co PI 2: First Name   Last Name

Co PI 3: First Name   Last Name

3. PI Email Address

4. Department or College of PI

5. 250 word maximum project summary (may include embedded hyperlinks)

This text areas is limited to 1800 characters/approximately 250 words. Even though you are allowed to type more than the specified limit, those additional words/characters will be cropped/cut off when you move to the next question.

6.Citation of accepted or in-press publications (books, journal articles, etc.)

7.  Citation of presentations (i.e. professional conferences)

8.  Citation of recitals, exhibits, workshops and other activities related to the performing arts.

9.  External grants applied for which are related to this REP grant.

10.  External grants awarded.

11.  Number of students involved in the project.


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